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In the process of carrying you over the river and through the woods, cars can become members of the family. And just like members of the family, you want to keep the ones that aren’t too much trouble around for a long, long time. Here at Steve Landers Auto Group, we know that choosing a car with longevity in mind is a good plan if you’re a driver who tends to form committed automotive relationships, and buying a car proven to be able to go the distance is a surefire way to avoid winding up in an even more committed relationship with your mechanic. We like to see you around, but dealing with car trouble is the pits! In general, vehicles that last the longest before limping off to the automotive graveyard also tend to be those that break down the least during their useful lives. Recently, the product testing lab Consumer Reports released their list of the cars, pickups, minivans and SUVs that survey respondents said were the most likely to become members of the exclusive 200,000 Mile Club. Whether you’re looking for the latest model or shopping for “used, but miles to go,” Consumer Reports says the following vehicles are likely a safe bet, either fresh off the lot or having already racked up some miles.

Toyota Camry

There are a very few universally true statements in this world, but among them are: the sun will always rise in the east, the IRS will always get their share, and a Toyota Camry will usually run until Doomsday if you keep the gas tank full and get the oil changed on the regular. Topping out the rankings, owners of Toyota Camrys with over 200,000 miles reported the fewest number of mechanical breakdowns of any car on the list in the year prior to completing the survey.  

Toyota Sienna 

From muddy dog paws to hauling sheets of plywood to kids upchucking after a little too much cotton candy at the county fair, the good ol’ family minivan can lead a hard life. That’s why it might be surprising to see something with a sliding door land on the Consumer Reports list of automotive Methuselahs. It’s a Toyota, though, so it all apparently evens out. The 2018 incarnation of the Sienna can get you to 200K in comfort and safety, too, with V6 power and the only optional all-wheel drive system available in a minivan.   

Honda Accord

If there’s one car that might threaten the Toyota Camry’s claim on the reliability throne, it is, of course, the Honda Accord. Joined in the Consumer Reports top ten by its baby sister, the Honda Civic, the Accord has staked an almost legendary reputation for reliability, with the highways and byways full of threadbare, long-in-the-tooth examples to prove it. Newly redesigned for 2018, the 4-cylinder version of the Honda Accord also gets a whopping 38 miles to the gallon on the highway, meaning you’re likely to get to 200,000 miles on the cheap.     



Toyota 4Runner

Yep, it’s another Toyota. As with minivans, four-wheel-drives tend to take a beating over their lives, braving snow, mud, high water and gloom of night to carry their pilots and kin safely through. It’s a good thing that Toyota has been engineering some of the world’s most capable 4x4s for decades, overbuilding their suspensions and drivetrains to an almost ridiculous degree to better shrug off the plentiful humps and bumps the rocky road of life may throw at you. That includes the 4Runner.



Ford F-150

The only domestic vehicle to make the top ten of the Consumer Reports 200,000 mile rankings, the reliability of the Ford F-150 is on prominent display nearly any time you drive down an American street, with examples that rolled off the assembly line back when Hector was a pup often seen roaming side by side with the latest, 2018 model of the country’s best selling truck. That’s especially amazing given what a lot of owners ask of their F-150s, from towing to hauling to helping bring home the bacon, sometimes literally.

You can read the rest of the Consumer Reports list here. If you’re looking to form a long-term friendship of the four-wheeled variety, check out the family of dealerships at Steve Landers Auto Group, Whether you’re interested in buying new or used, we can steer you in the direction of a car, truck, minivan or SUV that will you will love to the moon and back. Or a distance equivalent to.

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