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Once you’ve got that beautiful new 2019 Ram 1500 in your driveway, it’s time to roll some miles on it, and we’ve got a great suggestion that you can easily do from Little Rock on less than a tank of gas: Memphis!  Only about two and a half hours from Little Rock, Memphis is the gateway to the Mississippi Delta and there’s loads of stuff to see, eat and do there. Read on for five great things to do on a 2019 Ram Road Trip to Memphis!   


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1) Jam to some metal at the National Ornamental Metal Museum
From building plowshares and swords to forming the high strength steel frame of the new 2019 Ram 1500, metal has been integral to the establishment of civilization as we know it. Almost infinitely malleable, metals of various sorts have been used in art for centuries, and Memphis happens to be home to the only museum in America dedicated to the artistry and art of metals. Located the grounds of what was formerly the circa-1888 United States Marine Hospital, The National Ornamental Metal Museum was established by blacksmith James Wallace in February 1976, and has since become one of the most interesting -- and underappreciated -- establishments in Memphis’ great selection of museums. From purely artistic metalworks to displays of historically significant structural cast iron pieces, the National Ornamental Metal Museum is definitely niche, but it’s also got a little something to intrigue almost anyone. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for children.  

2) Buy a knick-knack, whatsit or dust catcher at A Schwab’s
Back in the Good Ol’ Days before the coming of the big box stores, chain supermarkets and malls, most towns had a store that served as kind of a catchall “Gettin’ Place,” where you could buy everything from pots and pans to clothes to a cast iron skillet all under one roof. Along Beale Street in Memphis, there’s still a place like that: A. Schwab Trading Company. Opened in 1876 by Jewish merchant and entrepreneur Abraham Schawb, A. Schwab’s has spent the past 142 years living and dying by the slogan emblazoned on the t-shirts they sell in bulk these days to tipsy tourists: “If You Can’t Find It At Schwab’s, You Don’t Need It.” Situated on two floors at 163 Beale Street, A. Schwab features more stuff than you might think possible, including touristy stuff to send home to momma in lieu of a post card, but also things like hats, dresses, shoes, brooms, glassware and dishes and all manner of stuff that just has to been seen to be believed. It’s a definite blast from the past, and the perfect place to pick up a souvenir of your trip to Memphis.

3) Get your book fix at Burke’s Books!
America is home to hundreds of great little bookstores, and for a true bibliophile, there’s nothing better than walking through the stacks, breathing in the intoxicating smell of old pages. One of the oldest continuously-operating bookstores in America, Memphis’ Burkes Bookstore, at 936 South Cooper Street has been around since the days when Walt Whitman was still publishing new poetry. Originally opened by Walter Burke, Sr. in 1875 on Memphis’ Main Street, Burke’s Books has moved around a few times in the intervening 143 years, but it’s still kicking today with an excellent collection of new and used books that run the gamut from local history to the classics. If you’re a true literature hound, be sure to check out their sizable selection of signed and first-edition hardcovers, with everybody from old masters to modern favorites present and accounted for. For a book lover, it doesn’t get much better than a cozy little bookshop like Burke’s.

4) ‘Cue up at Central Barbecue
If you want to start an argument in Memphis, just state your opinion on which joint has the best barbecue in Memphis. Home to the World Championship Barbecue Cookoff held every May, Memphis is positively awash in great barbecue, with practicionners having refined the craft of turning plain old pork into something transcendent into a fine art. At the risk of starting an argument, we’re solidly in the corner of Memphis’ Central Barbecue as our hands-down favorite. There’s several Central locations around town now, including a huge new space near the National Civil Rights Museum downtown, for full ambiance points, be sure to hit the original at 2249 Central Ave. Since 2002, that location has been slinging what plenty of locals consider the finest swine in the city of Memphis, with pork ribs, sausage and pork shoulder marinated for 24 hours and dusted in Central’s secret dry rub before a long, slow date with pecan and hickory smoke. The result, paired with excellent sides (try the greens!) and served in portions that may force you to loosen your belt, is simply amazing, and pure Memphis.    

5) Get rhythm at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music
Though Beale Street, Graceland and Sun Records catch the majority of the music-related tourist traffic in Memphis, if you’re a fan of American soul music, be sure to make some time to tour the Stax Museum of American Soul, at 926 E. McLemore Ave. Founded in 1960 in a former movie theater on McLemore Ave, Stax Records would go on to record some of the most talented and important musicians in American history, including Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, Booker T and the MGs and the Mar-Keys. Though the label eventually folded and the original Stax Records building was demolished, a resurgence of interest in Memphis music and its history in the late 1990s led to the opening of the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in 2003. Located near where the original Stax Records once stood, the museum includes a number of great exhibits, including a circa 1906 church from the Mississippi Delta that was disassembled and restored inside the museum, a 1970’s era dance floor worthy of “Soul Train,” and Stax superstar Isaac Hayes’ custom Cadillac Eldorado, A.K.A. “The Soulmobile,” which features 24-carat gold plated trim, a mini-bar with working refrigerator, and real white fur as carpeting.

Memphis is only around two and half hours from Little Rock, so if you’re in the mood to see something different, hit the road in your beautiful new 2019 Ram 1500 from Steve Landers CDJR of Little Rock! If you’re in need of a four-wheeled travelling buddy to get you there, stop in and see us today. With a great selection of new and used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, we’re sure to have the vehicle that will fit both your needs and your budget. Once you’ve got those keys in your hand, get out there! Adventure awaits you and your new or used car from Steve Landers Auto Collection!

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