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The majority of us live on the internet these days, so you probably know at least a few “Life Hacks,” those helpful little tips to take a bit of the frustration or time-wasting out of everyday activities. We love cars here at Steve Landers Auto Group, so we thought we’d take a minute to share with you some of our favorite car-related life hacks to hopefully make your life a bit easier and keep your love for your vehicle burning bright.


If you’re looking for a new or great used car to pamper, stop in today at any of the dealerships that make up the Steve Landers Auto Group. We have literally thousands of four-wheeled friends just waiting to follow you home, at prices from Ramen noodle budget all the way up to ultimate luxury. Come see us for a test drive, or browse our big selection of new and used vehicles. And read on for a few automotive life hacks. Your mileage may vary on how effective these are for you, but give them a try and see what you think!


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Score against thieves

Getting your car registered every year is a time consuming and sometimes costly exercise, but it’s worth it to get that little sticker on your license plate that tells Officer Friendly in the rearview mirror that you’re legal for another year. What makes the sticker on the plate valuable to you, however, also makes it valuable to thieves, who can sometimes peel it off and put it on their own plate without having required car insurance, paying their property taxes, standing in line at the DMV, and all the other rigamarole you had to go through as a law-abiding citizen. To help prevent the five-finger discounters from making off with your hard won sticker, put it on your plate and then use a razor blade to carefully score through it in several directions. It won’t make the sticker any less visible or valid to police, and if anyone tries to peel it off, all they’ll get is a handful of sticky bits, which will hopefully make them move on to another car. Warning: razor blades are razory. Don’t cut yourself!   


Hey, gashole!

When driving a rental car, a borrowed vehicle, or even your own ride, one of the more frustrating things is pulling up to the gas pumps and climbing down out of the saddle for a fill-up, only to realize that you’ve docked on the side that DOESN’T include your gas filler door. That requires you to either get back in the car and pull around to another pump, or awkwardly try to stretch the hose over your trunk or roof, which can be dangerous and can potentially scuff the paint. Here’s an easy way to know for sure you’re lined up for a fill-up: on most cars made in the past 25 years, regardless of make, there’s a tiny picture of a gas pump on the gas gauge in the instrument cluster. Beside that image of a pump is usually an even tinier arrow. If the car you’re driving has one, the arrow points to the side your gas filler door is on.



Bug off

Another of the myriad ways that Mother Nature is always trying to make your beautiful car, truck van or SUV look like a rolling trash heap is by constantly throwing bugs at your grille, headlights and windshield at 60 miles an hour, where they proceed to detonate like a water balloons filled with pistachio ice cream. Not only does this make your car look terrible, they can be a real pain to remove once the bug guts are dry. Some critters even contain natural acids that can harm your paint if they aren’t removed quickly. One way to remove those insect innards without harsh chemicals that might damage your car is by scrubbing them with a plain ol’ dryer sheet. Yes, the little sheets that make your bed sheets snuggle fresh can also clean up the aftermath of the microverse going kamikaze on your car. Made of a slightly “toothy” paper that won’t leave behind lint, dryer sheets are impregnated with gentle cleansers and a perfumed oil that can lift off most stubborn bug corpses, especially if you spritz them down with some water first. For a sweet smelling car, you can also toss a dryer sheet under each seat. Not the one you used to clean up bug guts, though. That’s just gross.




Shave away the fog


During rainy or cold months, there’s nothing like battling a stubborn cloud of condensation fog on the inside of your front windshield or your side-view mirrors, which can be not only annoying but dangerous in weather conditions that are already challenging. You can wait for the defroster to clear it away, or finally get cheesed off enough to use the back of your hand or a convenient rag to wipe it away, but nine times out of ten, you’re going to just going to wind up creating a smeared and blurry mess that’s even worse than the fog. One way to keep the windshield and mirror fog at bay is to use your dad’s old trick to defog the mirror while shaving in a steamy bathroom: take some plain, unscented shaving cream like Barbasol and put a big dollop on a rag, then wipe it in generous circles wherever you’re trying to cut the fog. Let it sit on the glass for 15 seconds and then wipe it away. As long as you don’t let it completely dry, the shaving cream should wipe away cleanly, and leave behind a fog-free surface that lasts for weeks.


Cut the crap!   

When it comes to a beautiful, freshly washed car, birds are tiny terrorists. How many times have you come out in the morning to find that it looks like a gaggle of feathered friends had Thanksgiving dinner and then decided to perch all night over your car? Yeah, it happens to us all the time, and short of hiring a stealthy sharpshooter with a rifle that fires tiny doses of Kaopectate, there’s not a lot you can do to stop them. There is, however, a way to make it less of a hassle when the little seed-eating pirates go #2 on your #1 ride: Diet Sprite or 7-UP. That’s right, the stuff that tickles your taste buds in a calorie-free way can also clear away even the crustiest seagull splotch or goose glob. Just pour the clear, sugar free soda directly on the dove defecation, let it sit for thirty seconds to a minute, then wipe away the sparrow stool with a rag or paper towel. Not only do the carbonated bubbles help get under that pigeon poo and lift it away, the gentle citric acid that gives the soda its tangy flavor helps break up stuck-on duck dook without harming paint or leaving behind a sticky residue.

If you’re looking to buy a new car in Little Rock, Arkansas or Norman, Oklahoma, or in the market for a great used car, stop in today at any of the family of dealerships in the Steve Landers Auto Group. With hundreds of great new and used cars on the lot, we’re sure to have a vehicle that fits into your lifestyle, your budget and your driveway. So come see us at Steve Landers Auto Group! With a great selection, honest deals and customer service that’s second to none, we’re the best frustration-beating Automotive Life Hack there is!


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