Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we here at Steve Landers Auto Group have so much to be thankful for: great family, great community, and a great group of customers who have become like family at our seven big dealerships in Arkansas, Oklahoma and now in Missouri!

Like a lot of families, the Landers have our little Thanksgiving traditions, and they’re very precious and special to us. While it seems like our traditions have been around forever, the truth is that somebody way back yonder took the initiative and got them started, then passed them down to us. You can do that too, and in a few years, what seemed a little goofy and weird the first year will be a treasured part of your family heritage, inseparable from the holidays!

Seen below are a few of our suggestions for making starting a family Thanksgiving tradition that can last for generations! And if you want even more to be thankful for this holiday season, stop in today at any of the locations in the Steve Landers Auto Group, where our great selection, unbeatable deals and service after the sale will make shopping with Landers a tradition in your family too! Happy Thanksgiving!  

1) Volunteer and give: We’re thankful for a roof over our heads, cabinets full of food and warm clothes to wear, but we also know that not everyone is so fortunate. With that in mind, think of making volunteering and/or giving to the less fortunate an important part of your family’s Thanksgiving traditions. Help serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter. Set a record for how many pounds of clothing your family can contribute to a local charity. Ask family members to bring a Christmas toy donation for the local Toys for Tots drive. By giving a little, we can all do a lot, and giving feels great!  

2) Start a Thanksgiving recipe book: Every family has those top secret recipes everybody looks forward to sampling during the holidays. To make sure they live on for years to come while remembering the Thanksgiving meals of years past, buy a blank, hardbound sketchbook, then invite every great cook at your table to contribute at least one recipe to the family cookbook at Thanksgiving in their own handwriting. Supplemented with photos from Thanksgiving meals and festivities not only will the family recipe book wind up with a treasured item that can be passed down, you’ll have an instant reminder of great Thanksgiving meals past.   

3) Count your blessings: This one is easy enough. After the meal is eaten and bellies are full, go around the table and ask everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, what they’re thankful for. As they do, write it all down in a special book that your bring out every year. The answers may be surprising, but as the years pass, they’ll show you how your family has changed and how they’ve stayed the same.

4) Watch a favorite film together: One of our favorite genres of films are Holiday Flicks, and the choices in that vein are surprisingly broad. “Elf,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” are all holiday classics, of course, but so are movies like “Die Hard,” “Big” and “Lethal Weapon,” which are all set at Christmastime. Heck, go crazy and designate “The Big Lebowski,” “Star Wars” or “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as your Thanksgiving movie and watch it every year with family. The point isn’t a movie about the holidays. The point is family togetherness and tradition, and you can do that with any film.

5) Have a competition every year: Nothing brings people together better than a little friendly competition, so start the tradition of a contest every year. Maybe it’s a yearly poker or Scrabble tournament. Maybe it’s showing who is the best at real estate with a game of Monopoly, or proving who’s the best shot with a shooting competition if you live out past the city limits and have a safe place for target shooting. Whatever the case, a contest every year is a great way of making memories that will last.  

6) Pick a family member and celebrate his or her life: Thanksgiving is all about family, and a great way to make a family feel together is by picking one family member at random and surprising them by celebrating that person’s life. Share photos and stories of that person when they were younger. Ask them about what life was like when they were growing up, or their best holiday memory. Not only will you make the person in the spotlight feel great, you’ll show how the lives of your family members are all interconnected and inseparable.

7) Make a centerpiece: If you’re quick on the draw with a glue gun, making a festive, weird or eye-catching centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table every year is a great way to make the holiday memorable. Tried and true stuff like pumpkins and colorful leaves are always welcome, but you can also kick things up a notch with a centerpiece that doubles as a conversation piece. Want some inspiration? Look to the incredible things people do with cakes these days and then get crafting! Keep the tradition going by making a different family responsible for the centerpiece every year, then let the creativity shine!  

8) Read a favorite Thanksgiving writing: Literature is full of examples of people counting their blessings, and you can make one of those writings an important part of your Thanksgiving traditions, whether it’s Psalm 100,  Reflect on the year’s blessings and give thanks. Whether it’s Psalm 100, “The Pumpkin” by poet John Greenleaf Whittier, President George Washington’s “Proclamation on Thanksgiving Day,” or even a poem or piece of prose written by one of your family members, a family reading about the thankfulness of others is a great way to bring meaning to your own Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

We’re all about family and tradition here at Steve Landers Auto Group, and that includes helping you and your family cook up some great traditions of your own. Give one of our suggestions seen above a try, and make your own holiday history that can be celebrated for generations to come. And if you need a new car, truck, van or SUV to take you over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go, stop in today at any of the dealerships in the Steve Landers Auto Group Family. We’ll be waiting for you. Happy Thanksgiving!  
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