Like a lot of Americans, we here at Steve Landers Auto Group have our favorite presidents and our not-so-favorite presidents, but high in our personal presidential rankings is the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. While Ol’ Honest Abe had some serious detractors, haters and doubters during his time in office, he’s since been almost universally recognized as a political and intellectual giant on par with our greatest founding fathers and geniuses; the man who led the effort to preserve the Union for future generations and led us through one of the bloodiest and most divisive periods in American history.

Born on February 12, 1809, Lincoln’s birthday has since been folded into President’s Day celebrations, a time for Americans to reflect on the lives of American presidents and the sacrifice some like Lincoln made for this nation. But how much do you know about Abe Lincoln? Test your knowledge with our pop quiz on the life and legacy of the 16th Commander-in-Chief seen below. No Googling or peeking at the answers! And when you’re done, come see us at any of the seven big dealerships in the Steve Landers Auto Group, where we can save you plenty of pennies and $5 bills on a new or used vehicle!  

1) Which of the following is true of Abraham Lincoln?
A) He was the only U.S. President to receive a patent.
B) He was a semi-professional wrestler, losing only once in 300 bouts.
C) He personally tested many of the rifles used by U.S. Army soldiers before they were introduced to the troops.
D) All of the above.

2) How tall was Abraham Lincoln?
A) 5’11”
B) 6’7”
C) 6’4”
D) 6’1”

3) Which play was Lincoln watching with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, the night he was shot at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C.?
A) Shakespeare’s “Richard III”
B) “Our American Cousin”
C) “The Seven Sisters”
D) “On Shore and Sea”

4) What was Abraham Lincoln’s middle name?
A) Albert
B) Horatio
C) James
D) He didn’t have a middle name

5) Which of the following legislation did Lincoln sign only hours before being shot at Ford’s Theater?
A) A bill creating the U.S. Secret Service
B) The proclamation formally ending the U.S. Civil War
C) The Emancipation Proclamation
D) A bill recognizing Oregon as a new U.S. State

6) In the White House, what was the now-famous “Lincoln Bedroom” used for while Lincoln lived there?
A) It was his son Tad’s bedroom  
B) It was Lincoln’s private library
C) It was a meeting room where he strategized with his cabinet officers and signed documents
D) Kept dark, it included a small daybed where Lincoln rested during his frequent migraine headaches

7) Lincoln’s ghost is rumored to haunt the White House. Which of the following people DIDN’T report seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln while living or visiting there?
A) Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
B) British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
C) President Ronald Reagan
D) President Theodore Roosevelt


ANSWERS: D, C, B, D, A, C, C

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